The hamster wheel of the workplace

School or university is finished and you are willing to start working. You feel grown up and are waiting to prove the skills you have learnt. You are hungry for success and are willing to give what it needs to succeed. For your success you are willing to work for as many clients as possible, you are willing to spend leisure time in projects and you are offering to take over shifts that are not yours. The question is: Where are your interests?

Of course it is difficult to find the balance between your work load and your demands as you depend on the money your job provides. Big companies offer good wages, but are demanding a lot of your free time. And you are more than willing to for fill those expectation for a good wage and even more important a high standard of living.

You are caught in the hamster wheel and when you get older, you will have a good standard of living, but what about your family, your kids, your friends and your health?

Get out of the hamster wheel

Why not step out of the hamster wheel now?! Perhaps you are already feeling exhausted, chronically tired and your wife is thinking of a divorce, because you are hardly ever at home. What do you want? Are you really willing to go on with your hamster wheel?

This afternoon I had a coaching and by chance we chatted about her future. She loves to make music and is in the middle of her dissertation. You can see how creative she is and I know that big consulting companies are looking for people like her. At the moment she is not earning a lot of money with her music nor with any writing, except her grant that she gets for her dissertation. When she has finished her degree she will have to look for new income streams and the world will get a lot more insecure, because she does not know where she will end up.


During our coaching she told me that she wants to go on writing after her degree. I asked her how she does intent to finance it and she said she does not know yet. She mentioned that she would like to write for others and for herself.

Interestingly she is already starting to look for income streams in music and the first money is coming in. She cannot live on it of course, but the start is made. In the near future she will start writing articles online to get known for her writing and to have examples for others when she applies to write for them. She knows it will take time to build up a reputation but she wants to give it a go.

You might think what a nice dream. At the moment you are right it is a dream and at the beginning of her career it might be that she will have years that will be tough, but I am absolutely sure that she will succeed, because she has been patient with her music career and put it on stable pillars. The career in writing might actually be easier because of her experience in the music industry. Compared to you working in the corporative world she will have the sky open and it might be that she will become a millionaire with time when your sky concerning wages is limited.

The great difference between her and you is that she has followed her calling or her interests and made sure she has stayed true to herself. She never entered the hamster wheel of the corporative world.

Do you know what the real difference?

You are exchanging your work for money. She has passive income. For every piece of music that is downloaded by you or someone else she earns money. When you subscribe to her blog in the future, she earns money on a monthly basis while you are still exchange work for money. The more popular she will get the more leisure time she will be able afford while you are still stuck with your few weeks of holidays.

My question for you today is: Which path are you going to choose?