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Are you in a chronically stressful situation that causes anxiety and depression? Scientific results show that psychological issues are increasing tremendously. During the last twenty years, psychological problems have doubled not only in the number of cases but also prolonged the days that people are not able to work or are ill.

Stress is a tricky matter. It is like consuming lots of sugar and being happy but not realising the long-term effects. Stress in the short term is healthy, but it will cause health issues in the long run, such as adiposity, cancer, fatigue, insomnia and many more.

Do you know that the effects of stress while driving are those of a driver that drives a car in traffic with one per mille? Do you think that is a solid position to navigate your life? I am not convinced. START-with-Gudrun! is your chance to journey to a joyful life. Please let me know when you're taking action. Do you want to wait for burnout or a nervous breakdown before you change your behaviour? Why do you want to wait that long and not take action immediately? There is no better moment than now.


Tackle the obstacles standing between you and your joyful life.

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During the 1:1 or 1:X coaching process, you will find solutions for the situations that chronically stress you.

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Tips And Tricks for you to get to know us. 'Tips And Tricks' are for you if you need some adjustments to live a perfectly resilient life.

Key to Resilience online coaching, which will accompany you with video content and exercises over three months.

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Hi, I’m Gudrun

I am Gudrun, a psychologist, coach and counsellor offering online coaching. I have worked in this field for over twenty years, helping people of all kinds find a happier and more relaxed life.

My Master's Thesis in 2002 dealt with breaks during work. Do you know that changing the kind of work is already a break for your brain? That means when you have prepared slides for a presentation and then walk to the copy machine, your brain has a break because different parts of your brain are activated.

During the last twenty years, I have been working with many people who have experienced chronic stress. Some have even been drinking and driving or drug driving.

All services are offered in English and German.

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