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Stress-related illnesses like Anxiety and Depression are diagnosed much more often than they used to. During the last twenty years, psychological issues have at least doubled, and many people do not realise the amount of stress they experience. That is why Gudrun founded START-with-Gudrun!. It is essential to her to provide you with the chance to avoid stressing yourself into burnout, which is biased toward depression and anxiety.

Reality shows that meditation and workshops have no long-term effects even though the nervous system relaxes and resolutions to change behaviour which are made during the workshop lead to the consequence that a month later, the new behaviour will be dropped because it turns out to not fit into your daily habit and routines.

Which decision are you making? Do you want to take action now or wait until anxiety and depression take over?


Tackle the obstacles standing between you and your dreams.

My services include:

Online Coaching

Individual coaching sessions are designed to guide and assist you along your journey to more happiness and relaxation.

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Tips And Tricks for you to get to know us. It includes mainly short videos on how to manage your stress. A new video is added every week.

Key to Resilience online coaching, which will accompany you with video content and exercises over three months.

Ready to tackle the obstacles standing between you and your dreams?

Hi, I’m Gudrun

I am Gudrun, offering online coaching. I have worked in this field for over 20 years, helping people like you to find a happier and more relaxed life.

Many people do not realise their stress level because it has become common to complain about the stress life provides. Employers often focus on the costs and forget the employee is their most significant asset because to exchange a valuable employee can easily cost five digits.

Conversely, you are only too willing to do what your employer asks you to do instead of knowing your actual value and standing up for your interests. As long as your employer can pass new tasks and projects on to you without setting boundaries, he will do so because the more you finish in a shorter period, the cheaper you are for him. Being afraid of him sacking you is like a negative prophecy, and the chance of happening is given. It would be best to stand up for yourself to break out of the circle.

All services are offered in English and German.