Positive stress

Stress is not per se negative. In our minds it is ofter associated negatively as we mainly talk about it when it becomes overwhelming. When we live a life that is in an equilibrium we do not spotlight the stress even though it exists. On the other hand there is enough relaxation to compensate for the stress we experience. In short this can be called positive stress.

How are you able to bring your life into an equilibrium?

What ever stresses you you are able to find a way to live a happy life. I am not able to tell you how you will find a happy life and what you have to change, but I know it is possible when you are brave enough to change what is necessary to be done.

You will have to reduce your stress and to grow you relaxation. One way to reduce your stress and to grow your relaxation is to start cooking. I know people who tell me they are in stress and do not eat healthy, because they do not have the time to cook with fresh ingredients. Instead they use convenience food. At the first moment it might seem to be more work to cook properly, but with time passing you will start to love to cook with fresh ingredients and you will not be willing to give up again.

Why is that?

As we all have to eat cooking is the easiest way to give yourself time to realax. The question of course is why is it the easiest way to relax?

1. You decide what you are to cook every day. Nobody else does. Therefore cooking enables you to decide. That is a very important when it comes to stress. Stress is often related to too many situations in which we have no control.

2. As mentioned before cook with fresh ingredients. Fresh ingredients smell and taste different as they do not have any ingredients to make them last long. In addition, fresh ingredients have no flavour enhancer in it. When you think that fresh food smells and tastes dull, it is probably because you are not used to fresh ingredients. Have you ever cooked with herbs? If not, have a look on the internet and find out about them. I love herbs, chillis, garlic and ginger with all my dishes. When you use those you will realise that freshly cooked meals can be very delicious.

3. It is relaxing. Cleaning and cutting vegetables or herbs is a process that keeps repeating and enables you to concentrate on what you are doing without using to much energy. The more often you repeat a dish the less brain activity is needed for preparing this dish. It will save you energy that you can use in new stressful situations without feeling stressed.

4. Plan in advance. As mentioned before you might think that cooking with fresh ingredients costs more time than convenience food. I will tell you now why you are partly wrong. Cooking with fresh ingredients is in comparison to convenience food not a packaged good. That enables you to cook for a few days and to freeze or preserve it, e.g. salt, oil, etc. until you want to eat the second or third portion. As the later portions are only warmed up or can be eaten as they are you win a lot of time when you plan your menu in advance.

5. Invite friends to cook with you. Socialising is a very important part of a healthy life. Studies have shown that it even adds years to your life. Why not combine the ultimate with fun?

Another important part of reducing your stress is what you eat and drink. Do you like a lot of sugar? In this article you will find more information around food.

Positive stress is an alternation of stressful situations and relaxation. If the weight is heavier on the stressful side you have to put weight on your relaxation side. Because you are in stress already it is important that you find a way to relax without putting more stress on you. As we all need to eat cooking is a great way to relax without needing additional time.