Be in the moment

Why are you stressed? You often do not realise that being in the moment will ease your stress. Sometimes you keep worrying and you are surprised you do not find any answers but that is because you're thinking in circles. The question is of course how can you get out of thinking in circles.

You have to get back into the reality. But how do you do that? There are a few ways to do that. I will present two to you.

1. You can start concentrating on your breathing. You do not really need to change your breathing but you focus on it. That way you do not not concentrate on the worries anymore. Concentrate on your breathing for about 10 in and exhales.

2. Start in the morning with a shower and concentrate how the water runs down your body. What does it feel like?

The more often you are in the moment, the less stress you will have because you do not worry anymore of the future or your past.