What has food to do with stress? A body which is not well fed will not be able to function well during stress periods in life. What you feed your body with will show how much strength you will have to fight crisis, illnesses and the like.


What are you feeding you body with in the morning? Is it toast with jam or marmalade or do you prefer a healthy serial without any containing or/and added sugar? Eating carbohydrate in the morning is not a bad idea but the question is what kind of carbohydrate are you consuming? There are at least two kinds of carbohydrate. The first ones are those which pull up your blood sugar very fast and afterwards will have you blood sugar drop down as fast as it has risen. The second ones are rising your blood sugar as well but much slower and therefore are a lot healthier for your body because the stress is reduced. Now you might guess which is which? Having oats flakes or spelt flakes for breakfast is a very good idea. Adding some yoghurt, quark and some fruits and you will have a great breakfast with carbohydrates and proteins. Why are proteins important for every meal along the way? Proteins help you to eat three meals a day. They last long before your stomach has digested them. Therefore it is important that you eat as much as you can at any meal of the day to stay full as long as possible. Do not be afraid of putting on weight. It will not happen because of the long breaks in between.

Why did I say do not add any additional sugar and use ingredients without sugar? Because sugar lets you bood sugar excellerate in an unhealthy way and drop again very fast. Firstly, it will make you tired and secondly, it will make you hungry quite fast. Because of the same reason you are supposed not to eat much to no toast, white bread. Instead enjoy whole wheat bread with cottage cheese and other kinds of cheese.


For the rest of the day you may eat lots of vegetables or to say it with other words: eat as many veggies as you like. Do not eat many fruits at midday. You might be very happy when I tell you that you are allowed a few carbohydrates like a handful of potatoes, rices and what ever you like. When you are a sweet person and tend to eat sweets between meals eat a dessert instead, because else wise the body understands your sweets like a new meal.

I advice you to eat chickpeas, beans, quinoa and so on instead of potatoes, rice, etc. These carbohydrates will rise you blood sugar more slowly and it will not go up as far as without high-fibre carbohydrates.

And as I mentioned before add a good portion of proteins to you meal. It may be meat but it may be a good idea to think about where you buy your meat. Does it have to be pork meat or may it be beef or a chicken as well? What about a tasty fish? Look for a fish which is not too creasy. The fish of course should not be breaded. You might as well have eggs or quark again with your meal.


When I am coming home I am tired and not willing to start cooking again might be your argumentation now. Well why not eat a salad with chicken breast, or have scrambled eggs with sweet pepper, mushrooms and maize? In the evenings you should not eat any carbohydrates at all, because they are heavy to digest at night.

I hope you got some ideas how you can eat healthy even though you are having stress.