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90 minutes

Your Chance to Reduce Your Stress
Price: € 0.00

Feeling a bit run-down? Are the day-to-day challenges of life interfering with your overall health and well-being? Refresh and Revitalize explores effective strategies and techniques that can help restore balance to your life.

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Tips And Tricks

Short And Succinct Videos
Price: € 7.00

To be a successful female entrepreneur you might need some tips and tricks how to handle certain situations. The videos of our programme 'Tips and Tricks' will give your guidance in situations you feel overwhelmed.

Key to Resilience

Manage Stress
Price: € 347

As a female entrepreneur, it is important to stay resilient in stressful situations. In this online coaching the content will drip in over approx. three months, because you have not built your current stress level in a few weeks but over a long period of time.

Therefore this coaching is not a sprint, but a marathon that will help you to handle stressful situations in a resilient way.

1:1 Coaching

6 x 100 minutes

Psychological Coaching

€ 399.50 x 6 or
€ 3282.00

As a female entrepreneur, it is important to stay resilient in any situation.

In approx. six coaching sessions you will learn to grow your resilience and to reduce your overwhelm.

In every coaching session we will work on certain subjects which will help you to manage your stress level pro actively.


85 minutes

What is anxiety and how can it be treated?
Price: € 11.90

Would you like to learn about anxiety? There is not one anxiety, but several and they might even interact with each other or with other mental issues.
In this training I teach the main anxieties and give you tips and trick how you might reduce anxiety.