Let's talk about your application

As we are very busy and not everybody is a fit for us and neither might we be a fit for yourself, we have decided to have a talk about your application to start with.


Why Coaching with Gudrun!?

Because we are a team with profound psychological knowledge and with many years of coaching practise.

All of us have a Diplom or a Master in Psychology and of course a vocational training in coaching. Some of us have more than one training, because they have specialised in specific fields like space coaching which is for tourists who want to fly into the orbit.

We are specialised in life coaching, because that is the field where we are best in. When you are looking for someone who is helping you when you are looking for a new career, you want to solve a conflict, etc. we are the right match for you.

You might wonder which coaching method we are using. Let me tell you that we are not tight to one, because different situations need specific methods. When we are preparing you for a job interview because you want to change your career, we could use a method like a role play. When we are dealing with a subject like luck of self-confidence we might have a look into the childhood, the family, past experiences, etc. That means we could work with a life chart, questions, etc.

Which further advantages do we offer?

  • We are working online
  • No matter where you are, you will be able to work with us
  • You decide the subject of the coaching process and the coaching session
  • You decide the time span between the sessions
  • We are working with Miro to visualise what we have done.
  • We are offering psychological coaching
  • We will give you homework
  • We are not bound to one method

We are looking forward to your questions . 😊

As soon as possible we will answer your questions.


Does the talk about your application cost anything?


How long is a coaching session?

A coaching session takes 100 minutes. Assertion includes two coaching hours à 50 minutes.

How many coaching sessions are planned?

We always start with planning six coaching sessions, because we have experienced that a change in behaviour needs a certain amount of sessions.