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Adjustment Disorder
Psychology/ stress

Stress is an adjustment disorder (ICD-10). What does that mean? It means that you have difficulties adjusting to a new situation. Often you describe your feelings like: I feel overwhelmed, I feel stressed, I have the feeling I am responsible for everything, because the other team members are not doing as much as I do, etc.

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The Hamster Wheel of the Workplace
Life / Productivity / Health

School or university is finished and you are willing to start working. You feel grown up and are waiting to prove the skills you have learnt. You are hungry for success and are willing to give what it needs to succeed. For your success you are willing to work for as many clients as possible, you are willing to spend leisure time in projects and you are offering to take over shifts that are not yours. The question is: Where are your interests?

Positive Stress
Psychology / Stress

Stress is not per se negative. In our minds it is ofter associated negatively as we mainly talk about it when it becomes overwhelming. When we live a life that is in an equilibrium we do not spotlight the stress even though it exists. On the other hand there is enough relaxation to compensate for the stress we experience. In short this can be called positive stress.

The Journey I Am Facing

Experience / Cancer

This will be not the article you might be expecting as I had to take a break, because of health issues and it caused on of the highest stress levels possible.

Food / Health

What has food to do with stress? A body which is not well fed will not be able to function well during stress periods in life. What you feed your body with will show how much strength you will have to fight crisis, illnesses and the like.

Be In The Moment
Experience / Cancer

Why are you stressed? You often do not realise that being in the moment will ease your stress. Sometimes you keep worrying and you are surprised you do not find any answers but that is because you're thinking in circles. The question is of course how can you get out of thinking in circles.

Stressful Situation

Psychology / Stress / Resilience

Before you think that you are calm in most stressful situations, let me tell you a story...

You have a morning routine which includes to write a journal about what has happened and reading a saying in the morning to start your day calm and relaxed. This morning it tells you that it will be a special day...

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